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Winter Waterline Protection
Friday, February 5, 2021


Cold weather is upon us once again. The Public Works Department is reminding all residents to inspect their waterlines and meters. Please check the following items in your home to reduce the risk of freezing:

  • Make sure that your basement windows are closed tightly and are draft free.
  • Temporarly place insulation over the windows to prevent drafts.
  • Check all areas of your basement that contain waterlines to make sure the temperature is not below freezing.
  • Make sure that any cracks in your basement or crawl space are repaired to avoid drafts and freezing temperatures.
  • If you have a crawl space, make sure the vents are closed. Temporarily place insulation over the vents to prevent drafts.
  • Check any exposed waterlines on outside walls to make sure they are warm and there are no drafts in the area.
  • If you have any waterlines that run the chance of freezing, wrap the lines with insulation or heat tape.
  • If you have an inside meter it will need protected, as it is part of your water system. This may include wrapping the meter with insulation or heat tape.
  • If you have any waterlines or a water meter in the garage, remember to have the doors open as little as possible.

Please note that there is a replacement charge for water meters damaged due to neglect.The charge includes the cost of the water meter and a service call.

Residents who have had problems with freezing in the past are asked to leave water running at one inside faucet. A stream the size of a pencil lead is sufficient. Contact the Utilities Clerk at 419-335-1441 before doing so. Only those residents who have made prior arrangements will receive credit on their water bill.


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