City Directory

Mayor’s Office                   419.335-5041

Kathy Huner                            Mayor                            

Trudi Mahnke                        Admin. Assist.                 


City Council                         419.335.1511

Margaret Murphy                   Clerk of Council            


City Council  -                                                                       

Jeff Stiriz  - Council President                                     

Scott Stiriz                                                                   

Rick Frey                                                                     

Shane Chamberlin                                                       

Jon Schamp                                                                 

Heather Kost                                                                


Finance Department        419.-335.9022                        

Jamie Giguere                         Director of Finance    

Robin Schantz                        Assist. Dir. Of Finance


Utilities – (water bills)    419.335-1441

Andrea Gerken                          Water Utility Clerk    


Income Tax                          419.335-9022

Mark Shadbolt                  Income Tax Commissioner


Fire Department                419.335.7831

Rick Sluder,                             Fire Chief                    

Phil Kessler                             1st Assist Chief


Law Department                419.337.5065

Thomas A. McWatters III        Director of Law

Jan Stamm.                             Special Assistant Director of Law

Kevin Whitlock                        Assistant Director of Law


Police Department            419.335.3821

Keith Torbet                            Chief of Police             

William McConnell                 Assist. Chief of Police

Public Service                     419.335.9871d

Dennis L. Richardson           Director of Public Service


Public Works Department   419.335.8376

John Arps                              Public Works Supt.           

Josh Reckner                        Ass't. Public Works Supt.  

Recreation Dept.               419.335.6887

Nel Rodriguez                        Recreation Supt.              

Chris Oyer                             Assist. Rec. Supt.             


Water Plant                        419.335.2971

Lou Thourot                             Water Plant Supt.            


Water Reclamation Plant  419.335-3026

Clem Kutzli                              Water Reclamation Plant Supt.

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