About our Parks

Shelter House Rentals -  There are five shelter houses available in our parks for rental.  All rentals are from 8:00 a.m. to midnight.  

Reighard Park Shelters (Potowanami, Miami or Shawnee) are each $60/day plus a $25.00 refundable security deposit 

Rotary Park is $180/day plus $100.00 refundable security deposit 

Homecoming Shelter is $180/day plus $100 refundable security deposit 

Homecoming Park - consists of 36.6 acres.  It became a city park June 11, 1980.  The Homecoming Pavilion has an indoor and outdoor pavilion for party rentals that seats 125.  The park also has a sledding hill, an ice skating rink, two grass volleyball courts, a mile long walking path, restrooms and a generously sized playround and a gazebo.

Rotary Park - is three+ acres.  It's origin is July 9, 1971.  Rotary Park has a fishing pond, playground equipment, a rental hall that seats up to 125 with full kitchen facilities.  Recently added is the Goodwin Preserve.  Goodwin Preserve is a wooded area with a picnic area with grills and a walking path through the woods.

Reighard Park - is a 20.4 acre park.  It opened on April 3, 1940.    The beautiful wooded area is great for family picnics.  Reighard Park has a wide variety of playground equipment, three shelters, restroom facilities and new tennis courts that were opened July 4th, 2009.

Wabash Park is the smallest of the community parks at 6 acres.  It became a city park November 20, 1951.  However it has plenty you can do there.  There is a playground, a half court basketball court and a city skate park.

Biddle Park is a 78 acre recreational park.  It opened in May, 2009.  Biddle Park consists of 8 baseball/softball fields, 3 basketball courts, 3 sand volleyball courts, 1 football field and 9 soccer fields.  The Northern end of the park has yet to be completed.  It will consist of 8 more youth baseball/softball fields.

South Park is 1.4 acres in size.  South Park is the oldest of all the city parks opening July 15, 1865.  It has new playground equipment, a gazebo and 2 basketball courts.

North Park/Memorial Park is 2.2 acre hill and more of a passive park.  It's original dates back to June 19, 1924.  The park has a small playground, a half court basketball court and a war memorial statue.

Depot Park is 2.3 acres in size.  It dates back to July 15, 1970.  Depot Park as well is a passive park.  It hosts a historical train depot, and a preserved caboose.    There is also a wooden play train and horseshoe pits. 

Cannonball Trail is 7.25 acres in size.  It is blacktopped and stretches 2 miles across the entire city from East to West.  it provides a scenic and tranquil setting for walking, biking, rollerblading and even cross crountry skiing in the winter months.


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